PET with the word meaning is the abbreviation of Polietilen Tereftalat as being chemical substance. Pet Resin, is a raw material using in various packaging sector, include production from bottle to thin PET sheet. By generating PET Resin, first, it's produced Preform, then under the high temperature, with the method of blowing, bottle is manufactured from preform.Meltem Kimya can produce special products from 580 IV to 1400 IV.

The production of MELPET®TS760 Pet Resin which has unique colour tone and brightness use in the packaging of carbonated soft drink and special liquid oil bottles. The type of MELPET®GS820 resin, also are used in several food household and personel care packaging. The main application areas are in bottle, jar, liquid soap, detergent, cologne and 19 lt one-way bottle production.

. This type of resin provides lower AA when perform is on production stage for food class PET that modify on it.It is in demand product type like high taste/smell standart mineral water bottle and carbonated soft drinkd area of usage. In addition this product, especially common use in food sector that has till 1.5 mm thickness in PET Sheet production.



Pet resin, is used in a wide range that includes mainly in carbonated beverage and mineral water bottling in edible oil, sauce-pickle jar, liquid soap, shower jel bottle in cosmetic sector, in processing high strength polyester strap, long shelf life multilayer beer bottle and bottle for agricultural drug nd 19lt one way bottle in our country and worldwide. Compare to the other plastics it has provided to become widespread its usage area due to its characteristic that includes long shelf life, brightness and resistance of against weak acid and base. Particularly, because of this features when it compare with other plastics, it has found wide range usage area in the food sector.