Meltem Kimya is the first company that produced DOTP plasticiser in Turkey and second company in the World.

In our Facility we produce DOTP, DOA and BIOMELFLEX plasticisers, which are main raw materials for PVC compounds, Cable, Artificial leather, Floor cover, membranes and Shoe sole applications.

Our DOTP,DOA, BIOMELFLEX plasticisers are all o-Phtalate free plasticisers and have superior properties compared to those other plasticisers.

Our Biomelflex plasticiser produces flexible PVC with mechanical properties similar to those produced by DOA. Phthalate-free, bio-based plasticizer, Low temperature flexibility and migration similar to DOA

Our plasticisers are all REACH registered plasticisers and complies with all Europian regulations.

Commercial sales with drums, IBC containes, ISO tank or with 18 ton flexibag in container can be done depending costumer demand.