As being Meltem Chemistry we are producing PVC Floor Coverings in the world standarts. In our products , we are using superior quality plasticisers like D.O.T.P. With its wide usage and easy installation technique , we are always at your service with 13 designs and unlimited color options.

Our Product Designs
As flat, skin, hexagon, small coin, leopard,millenium, diaper, bouqet, tulip, diamond, glitter, flake designs and 8 color options such as black, blue, light blue, bordeux, beige, grey and brown are available in our stocks, we can also meet your special requirements like special colors, thickness, sizes and widths. Designs and colors are also produced with copper-gold silver-bronze glitters. Special orders less than 250 Meters can not be welcomed.

Thickness available: 1,4mm-1,6mm-1,8mm-2,0mm ve 2,5mm'den -4,0mm'ye kadardır. 2 mm ürünlerimiz stoklarımızda sürekli mevcuttur.
Length: standard length 18 meter net, we produce from 5 meters to 30 meter


  • An Anti-static surface; easy to clean, not effected from acid and grease. In different colors and designs
  • An intermediate layer which increases the strength of the surface
  • Filling layer which regulates the thickness of the product and provides isolation against the electric current, heat and sound
  • 100% cotton fabric or polyester non-woven fabric
  • Anti-bacterial property.
Meltem Chemistry PVC Floor Covering is not only hygenic, safe, reliable and anti-static, it is also electrical resistant up to 24.000 W and a long lasting floor cover.


  • In Automotive Sector; bus, minibus, auto baggage as auto mats
  • In Sea vehicles; cabins & deck floorings
  • In train, wagon & metro industry as floor coverings
  • In airplane floorings
  • In Health Centers, Hospitals, rehabilitation and fitness centers
  • Educational Places, schools, kindergartens, kid-clubs as floor coverings
  • İIn Work places; office, shops, workshops, laboratories, depots and warehouses
  • In High - tension transformer stations
  • Residential; houses, hotels restaurants & vice versa
  • In every places where there is high duty traffic
  • In sport centers; swimming pools, body-building centers, basketball,volleyball and gym

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